How to Remove Static from Your Hair

Women face a problem that poisons their existence and prevents them from feeling confident. And the name of this problem is static hair. The cause of static electricity in curls are frequent temperature changes, excessively dry air in the room and contact with synthetic fabrics, the presence of which is difficult to avoid in the wardrobe.

Wrong hair care also helps the formation of static electricity. This is due to the natural features of the structure of hair. It is known that the scales of healthy hair fit closely to each other, which means that they cling less, and the electricity in them accumulates to a lesser degree. Another factor is sick and weakened hair, exhausted by dyes, curls, hairdressing procedures, and all sorts of chemical means. Even in the shampoos that we use every day, there are very few (or no) natural ingredients.

However, experts believe that this is not a reason to panic. Hair will no longer electrify if properly and regularly take care of, preferring with deeply moisturizing products. Also, Keratin treatment is a good way to make your hair frizz-free and healthy.
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