How to restore burnt hair?

Women remain women no matter what: if nature gave them lovely curly hair, they want to straighten them. Beautiful owners of straight hair dream of wavy curls, so they do a perm, sleep in curlers and use super hot stylers. Sometimes it leads to negative results such as heat-damaged or simply burnt hair which is dry, brittle, hard to comb. How can you restore your hair if it's already burnt? Check out this article! 
The first thing you have to do in order to restore hair is to forget about stylers, flat irons, and preferably even a hairdryer for the next few months. Your hair now needs extremely gentle care. Cut the split and burned hair ends every 15 days. It will give your hair a fresher look.
You can also try hair botox products or get a hair botox treatment in the beauty salon. We also recommend trying keratin treatment as will not just save your split hair but make it smooth and straight. That’s exactly what many women want to achieve while straightening their hair every day.
The final step is a haircut. If you cut off the split and burnt hair ends in time, then the hair will not break off higher, which will increase the chance of keeping your hair length from being cut off. A short haircut is a remedy for severely burned hair because it’s unlikely to be restored. It‘s better to cut damaged hair and grow new, properly care for it, and take vitamins and minerals. Don't be afraid to change your look, especially since a short, stylish haircut that emphasizes the beautiful shape of the head and facial features looks much better than a mass of lifeless and sloppy-looking hair.
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