How to retain professionals in the beauty salon?

Have you ever paid attention to your clients? Are you satisfied with them? By the way, their type depends on your stylist and his attitude to them. Profit, the number of returning customers, the number of new customers depend on the entire team in the beauty salon. First of all, a beauty salon means a friendly and efficient team.
The process of retaining your professionals involves creating conditions in which it will be comfortable and interesting for them to work. In this case, you will avoid staff turnover. Create conditions under which masters can develop themselves and provide even better services. If you have a keratin hair treatment stylist, he may want to become a hair botox treatment stylist. The thing is that you should allow your staff to develop!
One way of retaining stylists is to present specialist categories:
- assistant
- master
- top-master
- stylist
- top-stylist
- art-director
According to the category, all employees receive different salaries and bonuses. The presence of categories is a kind of game for your staff: in order to move to another level, certain efforts have to be made. For example, to become a top-master, a specialist should work in a salon for at least 3 years, pass certain exams, and only then receive a category. Then his salary will be higher and the job will be more interesting.
Training can be an additional motivation and retention factor for your masters.
By investing in the training of your masters, your beauty salon also develops! Your stylists see that in your salon they don’t do routine work (such as proving only hair smoothing treatment) from day to day, which means they won’t think about finding a job in another salon to change the situation.
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