How To Save Money In Your Salon Business?

As a salon owner, you know that economy is a nice thing that helps your salon to stay afloat especially if you’re a startup salon that has recently started working. What are the life hacks with the help of which you can save money? Keep on reading and find them out!
On average, there are 4 types of main costs: wages, rents/rates, stock, utilities. All rents/rates are usually fixed, so you can’t save on them. There is a chance for you to save $300-500 on consumables. Try to negotiate with your supplier, quite often they have corporate discounts. Besides, you can look for cheaper analogs of your consumables, sometimes their quality isn’t even worse.
Now let’s move on to the stock. What is it? Stock is an area where you can really save. It especially refers to professional stock used to carry out different services. Now let’s see an example. If a salon turnover is $800k and you usually spend 8% of this turnover on a professional stock you will spend 64k. If you implement a good stock control system, you can save greatly.
You can also save on wages, however, it’s not that simple. If each member of your staff’s working effectively, then you can barely reduce anything. Watch the work of your staff and see if all your stylists are productive enough. If some of them are not, are you sure that you will need them in the future?
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