How to sell keratin service in salon

Offer your clientele to improve your hair with professional treatment and increase salon discounts upon the use of these easy upselling techniques.

  • Educate yourself

You should read a lot of information and look video about keratin treatment class online because every stylist is confident and professional when he offers a keratin smoothing service.

  • Communicate with your clientele

Practice communication dialogues in your salon. It will make possible for the stylists to talk about the amazing results, which professional treatment can provide.

  • Set Goals

You have to motivate the stylists by setting realistic goals for selling of treatment services, and offer your employees some monthly rewards if they reach these goals.

  • Focus the attention of your visitors

Apply in-salon signage, menus and some other means to focus the attention on keratin professional treatment service.

  • Offer consultations

Offer your guests some consultations regarding their hair concerns and give them some pieces of advice on how a professional keratin smoothing treatment can help them to prevent their problems.

  • Create some service packs

Put on your clientele to look through your service packs to become a discount. For example, you’re your client books a hair color service, offer keratin service at the reduced price.

  • Earn trust

Make an offer of an invitational professional treatment to reward the loyalty of a client, for instance after six color services or after purchase Home Care service. It's really a great way to show your respect to your guests, and it allows the client to experience the treatment’s benefits firsthand.

Help your guests to save their investments in hair treatment with the line of Take Home℠ products. Your clients are looking to get a professional expertise from you. Offer them the products to maintain their salon look at home.

  • Create a portfolio

Ask your clientele to take a pic before and after the keratin treatment to post the work results on your salon’s social groups. Pics are a great way to promote your services and show the amazing results of treatment, your salon can provide.

  • Launch a referral program

Offer guests a discounted treatment under referral program. Word-of-mouth is a huge sales driver, and this program will motivate your clients to help spread the word.

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