How To Sell More Holiday Retail?

As they say, make provision for a rainy day but in good time. We mean that New Year and Christmas are closer than you think, so now it’s time for you to plan your marketing retail activities! It’s not a secret that holiday season is super important for each salon owner as a chance to increase profit and make up for all losses associated with COVID-19 times.

Many retailers consider holidays to be the 13th month of profit. In order to boost your sales, you have to choose the right strategy.

 1. Make sure you stocked up with all the Christmas and New Year essentials for the holiday. Remember that many people, especially men, are always there for last-minute gift purchases. Statistics show the same: 56% of shoppers usually buy their last gift between December 18 and Christmas. 

 2. Mind the most popular gifts. Overall, 59% of people tend to buy gift cards. Women prefer gift cards more than any other gift - 67% of ladies voted for such a gift. 25% of women would like to receive luxury treatment combo. On average, it means that they are ready to spend approximately $205 at the salon.

 3. Decorate your windows and refresh your retail area. Display some nice Christmas gift ideas, create gift sets, check if they are packed attractively. Put some inexpensive items by your windowsill. It can boost impulse buys, especially if some of your clients sit next to the window. 

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