How to shoot models after Brasil Cacau

Brasil Cacau is a keratin hair straightening complex. It will very quickly restore your hair smoothness, give it a mirror shine and completely eliminate any frizz. After the procedure, your hair will look so chic that your first thought will be: “I’d like to take a picture!” This is especially important for models and photographers, as beautiful, high-quality pictures are the key to their success and professionalism. How to take beautiful pictures of the hair after the keratin straightening? Below you can find several tips from the photographer.

In order to make quality content you need to remember 2 rules:

  1. Always take BEFORE and AFTER pictures. They will show the effectiveness of the procedure.
  2. If the work process is interesting, you may even shoot a video.

Before and after pictures

The feature of these photos is to show how bad the hair condition and quality were before the procedure, and how beautifully the hair looks after the stylist’s work.

Take the first picture before the procedure. Don’t comb the client’s hair, let it be naturally messy in order to show the structure.

The second picture is the picture of the treated hair. This is the “face” of your salon in social networks, so the work should be perfect.

The perfect light for taking pictures is daylight. In order to make a great picture in daylight, the client must stand with his back to the light source. Neither sideways nor half-sided, just the back!

If everything is ok with the lighting in the salon, then you can take pictures right using your phone camera. Just one thing: the phone’s camera should be at least 8 megapixels in order to provide high quality.

If you have a digital or SLR camera - that's great, however, it’s not necessarily.

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