How to Stop Spring Hair Loss

Many women in the world somehow face the problem of hair loss in spring. However, the reasons for it are very understandable: the temperature drops, wearing tight hats, friction against clothes, static electricity, lack of sun and vitamins...If you feel overwhelmed with all these factors, keep calm! Check out our article and find out how to stop spring hair loss!
First of all, hair growth is a cyclical process, so moderate and gradual hair renewal is the norm. There are about 100 - 150 thousand hairs on a woman's head, a loss of 1% is a healthy process. Separate hairs can be found on hairbrushes or clothing. Loss of whole strands of hair during styling or washing means that there is a certain problem. 
What can be done to fix the situation? It’s no secret to anyone that for proper nutrition, the body needs vitamins and minerals. Our hair is no exception - without vitamins, the hair will become brittle, dull, lifeless. For the health and beauty of hair, you will need various vitamins:
A - is responsible for the immune system, strong and shiny hair. A deficiency of it can lead to hair loss and dryness. Contained in the liver, egg yolks, butter, whole milk, cream.
 B2 - makes hair healthy. Its lack leads to increased fat content. To prevent this from happening eat dairy products, eggs, bread, meat, and liver.
B3 - is responsible for pigmentation. Dysplasia and early gray hair are a consequence of its lack. Make up for the missing B3 with whole grains, brewer's yeast, peanuts, fish, liver, beef meat.
B6 - relieves itching, drying out of the skin, and dandruff. Most of it can be found in dry yeast, whole grains, chicken, pork, fish, liver, kidneys, eggs, vegetables, soy, bananas, nuts, potatoes, and cabbage.
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