How to Straighten Short Curly Hair

In order to enjoy the specialized Brazilian hair treatment with keratin, it is not necessary to have long and luscious hair. Even if your hair is short, it is possible to make it straighter and stronger. As a result, you will feel happy and satisfied within as long time as possible.

Keratin is a natural protein which is present in your hair. If you wish to add keratin proteins into your hair, you are recommended to undergo specialized keratin hair straightening treatments at your salon or spa. After this, heat should be used to adhere these proteins to your hair follicles.

The heat is also helpful in straightening and smoothing hair. As a result of this, your hair will look fuller and stronger than before.

Keratin is also perfectly used to treat fizzy, curly or kinky hair except for the short hair. The treatment makes hair short and smooth leaving it manageable and silky irrespective of the current type of your hair.

Keratin refreshes the dry and damaged hair in a natural way making it strong and lush.

Professional chemical hair straightening treatments are aimed at breaking the disulfide bonds down at curly hair and resetting them leaving your hair straight. This process can be divided into such stages as neutralizing, conditioning and relaxing.

The relaxing procedure uses chemicals containing alkalis which earmarked for denaturing protein or changing the way they fold over each other. The pH hair balance can be restored with neutralizing. When you have achieved the desired effect, the chemical ought to be washed out.

The final step lies in applying a conditioner which repairs damage caused to the hair. The conditioner will also prevent hair follicles from any additional damage. 

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