How To Successfully Market To Mature Hair & Beauty Clients

You probably know that most beauty salons tend to provide their services to younger clients. It’s much simpler as youngsters create a social media buzz around the salon, following the latest trends, thus, letting your salon developing in a modern way. It turns out that the over 45s market doesn’t have enough specialists to work with. Perhaps it can be a niche that will eventually become your gold mine!
In order to state that you provide services not just to teenagers but to more mature people as well, make sure that you do everything right:
1. Check your advertising. If your messaging targets only to teenagers and young people, it’s likely that mature clients won’t be attracted by it. On the other hand, don’t strongly emphasize that you are likely to work with mature people because you will probably have a lack of teenage clients then. Finding a balance is very important here!
2. Make up promotional packages for both youngsters and mature people. The latter usually can afford to spend more money on salon treatments, thus, it can be beneficial for your salon. Besides, mature people have more flexible free time which means that you can fill your quiet periods with such bookings!
3. Make sure you let the older people correctly know about your services. Don’t forget that mature people don’t even always have social media accounts, that’s why you better sending e-mails or calling them.
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