How to take gorgeous photos for your salon and for guests?

Nowadays the world is obsessed with Instagram. Have you seen all these gorgeous pictures of luxury beauty salons and their clients? We bet you did. There is good news: you can do such amazing pictures on your own! We will reveal all the secrets in this article!


  1. Create a special area for taking pictures.


Hairstylist’s chair and a large mirror in front of the client is a classical option, but a special picture area, decorated to match your salon interior will be a bomb! None of your clients will resist the temptation to make a beautiful picture there!


  1. Get yourself a special selfie lamp.


It’s very useful while taking pictures of different hairdos and makeups. This light makes everything look so glamorous and luxurious, just like the celebrity Insta pictures. What’s more, it adds some shine and makes colors look deeper and richer.


  1. Inspire yourself and your stylists


Don’t be afraid to follow other beauty salons especially the famous ones in order to check their fees as an inspiration. We don’t urge you to copy their style, no way! Sometimes just a little element or the composition of the picture may inspire you for creating your unique pictures with your own clients. Feel free to experiment!

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