How To Treat Burnt Hair: 5 Effective Solutions

Women remain women no matter what: if nature gave them lovely curly hair, they want to straighten them. Beautiful owners of straight hair dream of wavy curls, so they do a perm, sleep in curlers and use super hot stylers. Sometimes it leads to negative results such as heat-damaged or simply burnt hair which is dry, brittle, hard to comb. How can you restore your hair if it's already burnt? Check out the top-5 tips in this article!
1. Brasil Cacau. This is not just keratin hair straightening that will make your hair silky. Deep cleansing anti residue shampoo and Deep conditioning mask will help you to repair damaged hair and dead hair ends!
2. Forget about stylers, flat irons, and even a hairdryer for the next few months. Your hair now needs extremely gentle care.
3. Cut the split and burned hair ends every 15-30 days. It will give your hair a fresher and neater look.
4. Try a hair botox treatment in the beauty salon. We also recommend trying keratin treatment as will not just save your split hair but make it smooth and straight.
5. If you severely burnt your hair, then a short haircut will be the best remedy. It‘s better to cut damaged hair and grow new, properly care for it, and take vitamins and minerals then trying to desperately save what can’t be saved.
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