How to Turn a New Visitor Into a Regular Customer?

Seeing new visitors in your salon is always very exciting! Whether they arrived for a complex procedure such as keratin hair treatment or just walked in to buy keratin shampoo and conditioner, still they get the first impression of your salon! How can you turn them into loyal clients? Keep on reading and find it out!
1. Know your selling point. There are so many beauty salons that it’s hard to even distinguish them! What makes your salon special? Maybe you specialize in everything connected with keratin: Brazilian keratin treatment, keratin shampoo, and conditioner... Point it out on your website and social media accounts!
2. Segment your e-mail list. Yes, e-mail lists still exist and if you don’t have one, we recommend you immediately start working on it! Instead of sending all of your clients the same information, learn their interests and preferences, make several groups, and prepare individual newsletters for each group!
3. Create a better website. Of course, nowadays people visit Instagram accounts of beauty salons often but don’t forget that your website is the representation of your salon. Upgrade and update it, make its design contemporary if it’s outdated. Tell only the most important information on the main page, as it should be eye-catching, making the customer want to stay and explore all website sections!
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