How to turn off emotions and turn on business?

Salon business isn’t always rainbows and butterflies as salon owners face many problems every day. One of the most acute matters is how to deal with difficult suppliers. How can you effectively communicate with them to achieve your goals and even establish friendly business relations? Find everything out in our today’s article!

In order for a difficult supplier to agree with your offer of cooperation (give a discount, finally ship a scarce position, etc.), you should find out about their personal, corporate and mutually beneficial interests. After all, these points will help solve any problem. The secret is very simple – just ask questions.

4 out of 5 buyer-seller dialogues are characterized by discussing only 4 factors: price, volume of purchases, postponement and delivery. With a difficult supplier, it’s important to be able to find common ground and discuss as many factors from areas of mutual interest as possible, as you will discuss  four above-mentioned questions in any case.


Here are some other questions to be asked to your supplier:

 - What new products are you currently developing?

 - How have your sales (production) been affected by the economic situation?

 - What processes are you changing to beat your competitors?

 - Which clients do you mainly cooperate with?

 - What are your strongest positions right now?

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