How To Use Keratin Treatment For Black Natural Hair

Beautiful, healthy hair is a dream of many girls and women. However, not everyone is ready to spend a lot of time on hair care.  We need an effective procedure with a lasting result. The best option is to try keratin hair straightening.

This method of restoring weakened rods is one of the most popular. It makes hair elastic, smooth, and shiny. However, women with dark, even black hair are pretty concerned about the procedure. They are a wonder if their beautiful hair color remains the same after the procedure.

Relax: you have nothing to worry about. If the keratin procedure is performed by a professional and it has a good composition, your natural black hair color will only become brighter and richer, as well as all the rest natural hair colors. However, women with died hair should be very careful.

Keratin straightening and chemical hair dyeing are two completely opposite procedures.

Most hair dyes include paraphenylenediamine, which gives a pure black color. This is a problem for all the women who have black dyed (!) hair. The action of paraphenylenediamine is so rapid that some other components are introduced in the dye composition in order to smooth this one. So, dyeing your hair black and undergoing the keratin treatment simultaneously isn’t the best option.

You can dye your hair after straightening. In the hair salon, it is necessary to inform the hairstylist about when and how the keratin procedure was performed.

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