How to work with clients in a crisis?

Unfortunately, at the moment, we live in a world, where the word “crisis” is synonymic to the word “normality”. Many industries found themselves in crisis particularly due to COVID-19. The provision of beauty services during the pandemic was impossible because a beauty salon can’t organize delivery like a restaurant. Thus, the beauty industry suffered major losses. Even at the moment lots of salons don’t know how to provide services because of the crisis. How should you work with clients when the times are hard? Check this article in order to find it out! 

 1. Get yourself a platform for online booking. It will not just save the time of your receptionist but will allow you to clean the salon between the appointments. Besides, clients say that it’s much more convenient for them to make an appointment without the receptionist at all!

 2. Review your list of services and products. Perhaps you can temporarily stop providing unpopular services requiring lots of expensive products and time. You can explain your position to clients, we recommend you to be honest with them.

 3. Mind the promotion! You have not just to keep your clients but attract new ones that will help you to overcome the crisis. You don’t even have to buy ads or pay your local influencers for PR. Use your social media accounts, give discounts to those who will repost some of your posts, for example.

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