How to work with clients with blond hair?

We have already written lots of articles about blonde hair. Indeed, blonde hair usually is the most vulnerable and damaged one. How to work with clients who have blonde hair? What are the aspects that you should consider? In this article, we will reveal all the truth!


 - Check the hair condition. Listen to what your client says about his hair but examine it yourself! Remember that your client is not a professional, so he can’t fully evaluate the real condition of his hair, and your task is to help him to do this and give a piece of advice on correct hair care.


 - Ask your client about the exact hair dye that he used. It can be very important especially if today you are going to dye his hair yourself. Knowing the history of previous hair dyeings is literally 50% of the success of the hair dyeing that you will do. Different products have different compositions. Mixing of them can lead to unpredictable results, so be careful.


 - Help your client to choose the right hair care products and procedures. We recommend you suggesting your client some special hair care products that were created especially for blonde hair. The purple shampoo will be a nice idea, as it will allow your client to eliminate nasty yellow shades between visits to the beauty salon.

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