How to work with reviews

It’s very difficult to constantly provide high-quality service to the clients — we mean service that creates a WOW effect for them and make then your loyal customers. The growing expectations of clients stimulate the constant professional growth of salon specialists. High–quality service is always the result of hard work. However, in this process, both positive and negative reviews about the work of beauty salon specialists will come from customers. In this article, we’ll tell about working with reviews.

People are reluctant to leave reviews on the Internet if they liked the product or service. However, if your master made a mistake, then a review containing information about it will appear in all social networks. If you don’t respond promptly, you will lose potential customers. Respond to reviews ASAP, solve issues with the client quickly and promptly, so you’ll change the situation. 

In order for the search results to feature mostly positive reviews about your beauty salon, you need to work with reputation. SERM is a 4–word abbreviation: Search, Engine, Reputation, Management. This service is gaining more and more popularity, since we’re talking about the brand image. This can include both direct work on the reputation of the beauty salon, and the processing of negative reviews already available on the Internet.


SERM technology includes:

 - monitoring of websites, social networks, forums for the presence/appearance of negative reviews, messages;

 - placement of responses to negative reviews;

 - preparation and posting of positive reviews on websites, forums, and social networks;

 - preparation and placement of press releases and reviews about the beauty salon on reputable websites;

 - displacement of negative information about the company.

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