In a blink of an eye: express services at the hair salon

All people who work in the beauty industry, know what express services mean. However, who is the target audience of express salons and why is the demand for quick procedures growing now? Let’s find it out together in this article!

When we talk about express services, we mean services that the salon provides without an appointment and whose duration doesn’t exceed 40-60 minutes. A person chooses express services when they needs to look good for a certain occasion, for example, if there are business negotiations, a date or any other festive occasion.

Among the most popular express services for hair nowadays are:

 - express hair restoration 

 - haircut 

 - simple styling

 - hair toning

 - gray hair camouflage

We recommend you to pay attention to express services that you offer as in today’s world they may literally become your golden mine. Why? First of all, express services don’t always require professional (and expensive) products. Mass market lines that position themselves as professional will also be suitable, which allows you to save both on funds and logistics. Secondly, you won’t need super professionals with high qualification to perform express services. Why not try new specialists who need experience and practice?

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