In The Digital Age, Are Salon Loyalty Cards Worth It?

One of the main factors that make a beauty salon profitable and successful is building trust with clients. Of course, your clients keep on rebooking and coming back to your salon mainly because of the professionalism of your stylists but loyalty marketing schemes seem to be useful as well. However, are paper or plastic loyalty cards still relevant? Let’s find it out, keep on reading!
Nowadays more and more salons switch to digital loyalty systems and electronic loyalty cards. Lots of clients support such changes as digital loyalty systems are much more reliable and convenient. You don’t have to carry your plastic loyalty card in your cardholder anymore! What’s more, plastic or paper cards are so easy to lose or damage, which makes them very unreliable.
With the digital cards, your salon will have an opportunity to rank your clients, for example, new clients, existing clients, and VIP clients. According to the status of a client, he or she will receive corresponding discounts and bonuses.
Many salons make a mistake while giving away some free products and services as a part of a loyalty program. However, the point of loyalty schemes is to cross-sell a service a client wouldn’t normally receive or discount a product that the client wouldn’t normally buy.
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