Increase your bottom line

Increase the Size of Your Transactions

In fact, increasing transaction size means trying to make customers buy more during their visits. For example, when clients want to have their hair cut, you can advise them to buy a certain shampoo. You may also recommend a conditioner and some other products. Try to find interesting and creative ways to sell extra services and goods. If your customers are always discussing that hot pink lipstick you love to rock, think of setting out a mason jar of lipsticks. Don’t forget, the more of these “extras” your guests buy, the more they are spending during a usual visit — and the more income you’re getting.

Bonuses for Loyal Customers

If you want your customers to purchase more, organize a reward system, provide them with various discounts, sales, extra services. Make your loyal customers understand how much they mean to you. It will definitely maximize your income and customer flow.

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