Inspiring Salon Designs

The design of a beauty salon can be created in different stylistic solutions. However, in order to get a good result, you have to be guided by some individual peculiarities and recommendations. The influx of customers straightly depends on how attractive the salon premises will be. What are the most inspiring salon designs now? Read this article and find it out!
When organizing any of the interiors, it is necessary to be guided by different principles. They are completely different from those that are used while arranging the premises in a residential building. Planning and decoration require great attention. Besides, you have to pay attention to features such as interior style and color scheme.
What is the right interior style for beauty salons?
Among the popular directions of interior design solutions, you can choose several that will not only attract customer’s attention, but emphasize the purpose of the premise as well. Among these interior styles are:
- classics;
- provence;
- minimalism;
- hi-tech;
- baroque.
Other options are also welcome. Moreover, combined styles look really nice indoors. For example, the mixture of baroque and minimalism, classic and provence looks good.
- Among all the listed options, the classic one seem to be the most popular option. It is characterized as simple in implementation and convenient in everyday use.
- The provence style will fill the salon interior with tenderness, original decorations and beauty. For premises with such interior type, you can choose simple yet elegant accessories such as different vases, potpourri, linen curtains, etc.
- Hi-tech. This interior style is suitable for multifunctional beauty salons: for example, if salon provides hairdressing, make-up and nail services together. This style allows you to create individual zoning for each individual master.
- Baroque style is perfect for those who prefer luxury decoration. Gold tones, velvet, deep colors, these are the things that characterize baroque style.
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