Introduce vegan products into your salon and increase sales

Recently, we’ve been witnessing some important changes in the beauty industry: influencers are switching to vegan cosmetics, and for good reason. Whether it's food, haircare, or makeup, consumers are more and more concerned about what they choose. A new trend is cosmetics without animal ingredients that is cruelty-free. Well, that’s a great opportunity to boost your retail sales! 

Consumers who are fans of environmental-friendly products consider vegan cosmetics as a way to reduce the amount of harmful substances that can enter the body. Vegan cosmetics are not tested on animals. Instead, producers use use In vitro (a test on artificially grown cells), In vivo (on volunteers) and In silico (computer simulation of the situation) methods

Such products are a good opportunity to increase the sales in your salon. Nowadays more and more people become vegans and choose cruelty-free lifestyle. You can both support their initiatives and increase your revenue by selling eco-friendly cruelty-free products in your salon. Of course, in order for the new products to be noticed by your clients, make an announcement on your social media, ask your receptionist to tell your clients about the new products. You’ll see how many fans of ecological way of life there are!

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