Introducing new treatments to your beauty salon

Even though 2020 can be called a year of coronavirus, even this disease can’t stop the progress. Many new techniques, ideas, treatments appeared in the haircare market. What is the best way of introducing all these novelties to your clientele for boosting your profits? Keep on reading and find it out!
1. Special offers. Make a special offer for a new procedure for the first 1-2 months. This will encourage your clients to try the new procedure. Depending on the treatment itself, you can offer another haircare treatment for free as a combo with your novelty.
2. Social media accounts. This is a win-win option of letting your clients know that you have something very exciting for them in your salon. Regular posts and updates on your website and social media accounts will give your clients the necessary information about the new treatment.
3. Posters. What can be cheaper, easier in implementation, and more visually appealing than posters? You can print them and announce that you have a new procedure. Window posters always draw the attention of both your existing clients and potential ones.
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