Is It Bad To Sleep With Wet Hair?

Some women believe that going to bed with your hair being wet is much better than using a hairdryer. However, is it so? Let’s find it out in this article!
We don’t recommend you washing your hair before going to bed if you know that you won't have the time and energy to dry it. Sleeping with wet hair is a disaster that, if done regularly, can become a cause of hair damage and dead hair ends. Firstly, wet hair will be rubbing against the pillow all night long. It will damage your wet hair since wet hair is much more vulnerable to external damage. Secondly, in the morning you will wake up with messy hair sticking out in different directions. Not nice, isn’t it?
Thus, always blow dry your hair if you know that you should go to bed in literally 10 minutes and your hair is still wet. If you want your hair to become more beautiful even when you sleep, use a silk pillowcase that can help you to make your hair smoother. The soft surface of the silk pillowcase helps minimize friction, so in the morning you’ll wake up with soft and shiny hair.
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