Is it safe to perform keratin treatment on thin hair?

Keratin treatment is one of the most popular haircare procedures nowadays. The main advantage is that this treatment is suitable almost for all hair types. However, some ladies hesitate to perform keratin on their thin hair. Is it reasonable? Check out in this article!

Thin, suffering from loss, and curly hair are suitable for keratin treatment of the standard type, which has both a straightening and a healing effect at the same time. Keratin will give thin hair shine, density, and perfect smoothness.

However, you should remember that some keratin compositions may be pretty strong for thin hair, thus, it’s better to consult your hairstylist in order for them to help you choose the right treatment.

We recommend you try Brasil Cacau. This keratin treatment will quickly restore the smoothness of your hair, give it a mirror shine, and completely eliminate any waviness. Three components including keratin, cocoa butter, and D - panthenol will fully restore your hair with a minimum effort and maximum care. If your hair is already damaged, for example, because of the daily use of styling devices, Brasil Cacau will help to revive it and prevent it from further damages. 

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