2 Common Keratin Myths

#1 All hair products designed for hair softening contain toxic formaldehyde

It didn’t take long for the regular customers of hair salons to realize that the hair products, which had entered the market quite recently, that is was formaldehyde that made their disobedient and frizzy hair become much softer and straighter. However, most manufacturers of those hair products chose to respect the consumer feedback regarding the cancer-causing component and developed special formulas which didn’t contain formaldehyde. For instance, Brasil Cacau doesn’t have a trace of formaldehyde but still provides the results that are absolutely on par with the classic keratin treatment.

#2 The smoothing hair treatment may alter the natural texture of your hair

Don’t disregard the products designed for hair smoothening even if you prefer to wear the curly or wavy hairstyle. The special formula of Brasil Cacau Treatment was developed specifically to keep the natural texture of your hair even though the proteins of keratin will make the strands of your hair straighter - the natural curly or wavy patterns of the hair will definitely remain intact. The Brasil Cacau Treatment only makes the hair sleeker, more obedient, and luscious even if you only wash it on a regular basis.

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