Is Sulfate-Free Shampoo Really Better For Hair?

Do you know what things like shower gels, toothpaste, shampoos, car wash soaps, and kitchen cleaners have in common? It is a group of chemical elements commonly known as sulfates (the kitchen and floor cleaners have the largest concentration of these chemicals).

The use of sulfates in many beauty products have been triggering heated discussions among consumers and beauty experts for many years, mainly because there is an unproven claim that the sulfate-containing products may cause some forms of cancer. While these particular accusations haven’t yet found any solid scientific proofs, the fact that sulfates are capable of drying out the skin, which may result in severe skin irritation and even the development of harmful bacteria, is undeniable. Remember that burning sensation in the eyes when they got in contact with shampoo? You should blame sulfates!

Therefore, it is advisable to use shampoos that don’t contain any sulfates, especially if you underwent keratin treatment.

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