Is the Brasil Cacau hair treatment really worth it?

Keratin treatments are supposed to reduce frizz, make your hair soft and smooth. Actually, they differ in names, as their components deal with the problem very well. 

According to Arsen Gurgov, owner of Arsen Gurgov Salon in New York City, a Brazilian blowout and a keratin treatment are both smoothing treatments that cover the outer layer of your hair to make it soft for a time, they reduce frizz, add gloss and shorten styling time. The difference is only in brand. So if your stylist prefers Brazilian blowout, it doesn’t mean a keratin treatment is bad, it’s just your hairdresser’s preference.

However, Brandi Voorhees says that they differ in intensity. A keratin treatment is much heavier, so it straightens hair more in comparison to a Brazilian blowout which almost doesn’t change your original texture.
Arsen Gurgov agrees with the opinion, saying that a keratin treatment provides deeper hydration and makes hair much smoother. Besides, among its components there are less harsh chemicals and silicones, so the product does not weigh locks down as a Brazilian blowout does.

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