Is translucent hair dyeing a trend or anti-trend?

Translucent hair dyeing has become a hot trend in recent years. This unusual, bright, and at the same time elegant shade nowadays inspires designers and artists. The world of the beauty industry is no exception, which is why silver shades are very popular in the hairdressing industry. The translucent gray shade is popular among both young girls and mature women, but it is not so easy to achieve the desired shade.

The translucent shade includes a variety of white, gray, blue, green, and red hues - depending on their combination, the intensity of the resulting shade also changes. Today, toning in ashy shades is considered to be very trendy, ranging from natural light brown to rich silver hues with blue undertones. The gray color is used both in mono hair dyeing and in combination with peach, strawberry, lavender, and turquoise shades.

The translucent hair color has many advantages:

- transforms your whole appearance literally beyond recognition;
- beautifully looks both on women of different ages and color types;
- suitable for creating any image and style;
- goes well with a wide variety of color palettes - both natural and rainbow.

This trend will become a real salvation for women with early gray hair: now they don’t need to constantly dye the growing roots, as they can proudly flaunt their natural color while feeling trendy, modern, and stylish. The only thing that can be recommended for them is to slightly tone up individual strands or ends of the hair in order to make it look more voluminous.
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