It is important to be unique! Why stylist needs a personal brand?

A personal brand. What is it at all? Why should your beauty salon have it? These questions are typical for the owners of beauty salons. Let’s try to find everything out.

When is it time to start a personal brand?  Answer the following questions. If 2 or 3 answers are positive then the time is now!

  - Do you feel like your beauty salon doesn’t have a unique feature, so it’s just a usual one?

  - Do you feel that your clients are not enthusiastic about your salon anymore?

  - Do you want to attract another type of clients (those who can afford to spend more money on your services)?

  - Do you feel that your salon isn’t popular enough and it doesn’t get the needed recognition?

Some salon owners think that having a personal brand is a luxury. We’d like to refute this statement: nowadays it’s not a luxury, but a must! You have to be the face of your salon. Make a statement about yourself as the owner.

We bet that your Instagram feed looks like this: lots of pictures of nails, makeup, hair, and skin. It’s your portfolio and it’s perfect, but sometimes you have to post materials about your best business asset here: your face. Don’t be afraid of showing off your work in progress and your face as well. Nowadays people want to see the real salon staff, not just before - after pictures. Introduce your stylists, nail masters, cosmetologists. And remember: hiding behind your logo is not an option anymore!

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