It’s time to improve the quality of your pictures in social networks

Nowadays social networks are a powerful tool that will help you to attract many new clients. Now have a look at your accounts: is there anything you’d like to change or maybe improve? In this article, we will tell you how to do it, keep on reading!

What is the most important thing in social media? Of course pictures of your best works! Natural daylight is the best option for a nice picture, however, you can use a special selfie lamp, which usually has cold lighting. It helps to literally make hair very shiny. The proper lighting is one of the most important features of a true thumb-stopping picture. 

 - Ask your model to strike a nice pose when you take a picture. You can make two pictures: one from her backside, showing the hair beauty, and another one from the front, with the model’s face. Pictures with faces are always more catchy, by the way. 

 - Choose the right entourage. Always watch the background - there should be no one. Choose plain background so it won’t deflect attention from the hair. Pay attention to the hair color of your model: if she’s blonde, then the best background for the picture will be dark, so it can accentuate the hair color and vice versa. 

 - Make sure your camera is good enough. In fact, you shouldn’t necessarily take a picture with a professional camera. If you have a smartphone with a camera of at least 8 mp., it will be quite enough. Besides, make sure that your hands aren’t trembling, otherwise, the pictures will be blurred.
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