Joint advertising of beauty salons 2022

Of course, advertising and PR in social media and online are good for your salon but joint advertising can be even better, as this is mutually beneficial cooperation both for you and your partner. Why? Keep on reading and find it out!


Why is joint advertising profitable?

Joint advertising is an effective way to promote your salon without paying much. You and your partner share the advertising budget and receive loyal customers.

For a beauty salon, this is an opportunity to promote its brand, become more recognizable and expand its client base.


Joint advertising benefits:

- Fast result

- Savings on advertising

- High efficiency

- The expansion of the customer base

- Creation of a positive image of the salon

All of this will work if you organize your cooperation with your partners correctly.


How to choose a partner for joint advertising?

Pay attention to those who work for the same target audience as you and offer them cooperation. If you have quite wealthy clients who can afford regular keratin hair treatment or botox hair treatment, they may be interested in the services of your potential partner. You can write him an email saying: “We want our customers to be your customers as well!”

You can also meet a potential partner in person, tell him about your salon and offer to exchange your clients.

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