Keratin hair straightening and restoration. Features of the procedure.

Keratin straightening remains one of the most popular hair care procedures in the world! Indeed, if properly performed, it can make your hair sleek and shiny for up to 4-6 months! That’s very convenient because you don’t have to spend extra time on daily hair straightening that also damages your hair. What are the features of the keratin straightening procedure? Keep on reading and find it out!
The regular keratin straightening complex usually includes the anti - residue shampoo, the thermal reconstructor, as well as the mask which is the final step. We recommend you choosing only high-quality products, the market leaders. Don’t buy cheap keratin products as they not just provide zero effect but can damage your hair even if applied correctly.
One of the best advantages of keratin straightening is that you can perform this procedure at home without any assistance.
The regular keratin treatment kit includes:
• Anti Residue Shampoo (Cleansing Shampoo) - deeply cleanses and opens up the hair cuticles, which contributes to the penetration of active ingredients.
• Thermal Reconstructor - creates the effect of natural smoothing, makes hair healthy, straight, and shiny.
• Conditioning Mask - nourishes and moisturizes hair without making it heavier.
There are many keratin treatments on the market, however, the procedure steps are usually almost the same. The following steps are given for your reference:
  • Wash your hair with a special Anti - Residue Shampoo 2 times. Dry your hair without using a hairbrush or comb (leave your hair a little bit wet).
  • Apply Thermal Reconstructor on your hair, which was firstly divided into several strands. Don’t apply the reconstructor on hair roots. Brush your hair.
  • Fully dry your hair with COLD air. Use a flat iron on each strand 5-7 times. Choose the temperature regime according to your hair type.
  • Let the hair cool down, wash the hair without the shampoo. The last step - applying of Conditioning Mask. Wash it off with warm water and blow-dry your hair with warm air.
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