Keratin Hair Treatment Facts

1) After keratin straightening, hair requires special care.

2) If you have dyed your hair the day before, keep in mind that after keratin straightening, the color will become brighter by a half tone.

3) If you dye your hair, do it before, not after the procedure.

4) If after keratin straightening the hair became “oily,” quickly got dirty, and visually lost volume, then the procedure is technically incorrect.

5) The result of the procedure depends largely on how many times the master has walked an iron on each strand of hair.

6) After keratin straightening, you can do a variety of styling and use any styling tools.

7) Keratin straightening does not affect hair growth or hair loss.

8) Keratin straightening does not affect the thickness of the hair shaft; after the procedure, the hair will not become thicker.

9) The effect of the procedure lasts about 3-5 months and does not accumulate over time.

10) There are no contraindications for this procedure.
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