Keratin Hair Treatment — Tips for Making It Last

It is allowed to dye hair no earlier than 14 days after straightening. Hair dye should only be used in the composition, which does not include ammonia.

Chlorinated pool water has a negative effect on keratin structure. You can swim only in a rubber cap, but it is not able to fully protect the hair from exposure to chlorine.

When traveling to the sea, you should be prepared for the fact that sea salt will negate the whole effect of straightening, and hair will again become wavy.

After straightening, the hair needs gentle care. Proper care will ensure the beauty and healthy look of the hair, for which you have decided on keratin straightening.

Combing the hair is only vertically down;

Bed linen should be satin or silk.

In the salons, where they carry out the procedure of straightening, the stylist can tell which care products will be better for you. It is recommended to use SLS-free shampoos.

Typically, these shampoos are marked on the labels "No parabens, No SLS, No SLES".
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