Keratin products on bleached hair

Bleach is a great solution to create the exact color you want. However, the negative impact of bleaching is quite severe. First of all, bleach weakens the hair. Second of all, in order to make the hair strong and healthy again, different hair care solutions are needed.

Oxidation, which accompanies the process of bleaching, is a chemical reaction that lightens the hair. Thanks to oxidation, bleach interacts with melanin to create the desired color effect. 

However, bleach is known to destroy keratin which is a natural element found in the human hair. This leads to shrinking elasticity and strength of the hair. Bleach can also produce more direct results, for example changing how the hair looks. Frizz and split ends are not uncommon problems associated with bleaching.

So if your hair got negatively affected after the bleaching procedure, you will have to apply the necessary treatment asap.

First of all, you will have to nourish the hair with keratin. You will need to buy a keratin-rich hair care product because regular hair conditioners only moisturize the hair without restoring its health. By the way, keratin can not only be used as an effective hair treatment, it can also straighten your hair without damaging it. 

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