Keratin treatment and relaxed hair

People who relax their hair know some coloring processes can be damaging to processed hair.

That’s why it’s natural to worry about over processing when you apply a relaxer to previously relaxed hair.

Nevertheless, a keratin treatment is good for colored, highlighted, or previously processed hair. If you use a non-acidic relaxer, the procedure will provide you with favorable results. It can also be a good variant if you are eager to transition from relaxed to natural hair, giving some time until the relaxers grow out.

If you want a new hair color, it's advisable to dye your hair 2 weeks before or after the keratin treatment. However, some hairdressers can do it the same day.

In any case, it’s better to consult a stylist first. You should tell him/her everything about your hair and all the processes that it has undergone before. After this, the hairdresser will make a decision what to do and what products to choose.

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