Keratin Treatment Benefits

People, who attend keratin procedures, get smoother hair, which is quite easier to manage. The ultimate effect of the changes will depend on overall state of your hair from the outset, your natural hair thickness and keratin you use as well. The work of keratin is to smooth down the cells that take part in the formation of your hair strands. Theoretically, the hair cuticle consume the keratin, what makes the hair look glossy and thick. They also use keratin to style your hair in an easier way as well as to straighten it and improve its look.

The ways of using keratin

Sometimes they call keratin therapy like a Brazilian keratin treatment, which constitutes several steps of intensive keratin use. Before dry and straighten your hair a cream containing formaldehyde needs to be used. Following a keratin therapy, you will have not to get your hair washed or shampooed for some days. When you attend salon to wash out the chemicals from your hair, your hairdresser will apply some other method to “hold” straightening effect you got following a therapy. The effect of such a treatment may last up to 12 weeks.

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