Keratin treatment price: what makes it

Many women still mistakenly believe that keratin hair treatment is a very expensive procedure that can repair damaged hair and even help to tame dead hair ends. Let’s check out the regular price of this procedure in this article!

Do you know the price of a salon keratin straightening procedure? We don’t think that you will find a price lower than $200! Usually, the hair smoothing and straightening treatment costs are approximately $ 250-300 for long hair and a little bit less for short – about $150.

However, you can turn keratin hair treatment into a perfect hair care treatment at home! Just imagine that at home you can do this 10 times cheaper! Don’t be afraid: the procedure is pretty simple and can be performed by you solely. On the Brasil Cacau website, you will find detailed instructions that will help you to achieve the salon result at home.

Here is the first tip is on how to save money: there are ready-made sets of Brasil Cacau products which you can buy in store. The needed amount of product depends on your hair, its density, and its length. Statistics show that usually, women need 30-60 ml of each product of the set. The price of these sets is very low in comparison to one professional salon treatment!
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