Keratin treatment step by step process

Thoroughly wash your hair with deep cleaning shampoo. It is advisable to do this twice, for sure to get rid of the residual elements of styling products.
Dry hair with a hair dryer until slightly moist. Carefully comb the hair and distribute them to approximately the same strands in thickness. Secure each lock with a clip so that they do not get mixed up and do not interfere with the procedure.

Apply to each strand, in turn, a keratin remedy, carefully and evenly distributing it through the hair. Here the main thing is to observe the measure - an insufficient amount of keratin will not be able to saturate the head of hair with nutrients entirely, and its excess will make hair too greasy and untidy.

Wait 20-30 minutes, until the keratin mask is absorbed into the hair and again dried with a hairdryer, while setting the lowest temperature. Thin strands of hair alternately straighten the iron, setting at the same temperature 450˚ F However, dyed blondes can heat the rectifier and up to 400˚ F, because the discolored hair peroxide is extremely vulnerable. Do ironing on each strand should be at least 5-7 times. Gently comb the hair.

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