Keratin treatments: what it is & why you (don’t) need it

There is a myth, that the Keratin can make your hair much stronger. Well, the truth isn’t that perfect. Keratin Treatment is just one procedure, when so much happens to your hair every single day. Keratin is a favorite trick of marketers. The point is that the heat that the hairstylists use during the procedure can ruin your hair. Besides, you should be twice as careful: some Keratin Procedures release a gas that has a negative impact on our health - Formaldehyde.

If you got upset after this information, relax. Your hair looks and feels right? Then Keratin isn’t a must for you. If you are eager to try this procedure, try some modern treatments, containing no formaldehyde. Glyoxylic acid is used in them, it is much safer. Keep in mind that non - formaldehyde procedures straighten curly hair not so well.

How to treat your hair after the procedure? Use only sulphate-free products! They will help your hair to keep the perfect look.

We hope that after reading this article you know more information about the Keratin Treatment and are able to make the right decision!

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