Know-how: brush your hair properly!

Not many ladies know that but brushing your hair in the wrong way can become a cause of hair damage! In order to avoid dead-hair ends, check out our mini guide that will help you to brush your hair in the right way!

First of all, always start brushing your hair from the ends instead of pulling them out at the roots. Hair detangling isn’t a nice process at all, thus, slowly start brushing from the hair ends in order not to damage your hair.

Secondly, choose the right hairbrush. Learn how to differentiate between them. 

 - A mixed bristle oval hairbrush is perfect for scalp massage as well as for different products’ distribution.

 - Round brush with synthetic bristles is a special brush for curly hair.

 - Fishbone hairbrush is a specially designed brush for hair sectioning. 

 - Teasing hairbrush is designed for backcombing and fluffing hair roots before applying hair dye.

 - Cushion hairbrush with nylon bristles is the most essential brush ever, as it’s suitable for daily use, especially if you have long hair.

By the way, did you know that brushing your hair correctly can even prolong the effect of keratin treatment? For example, the effect of Brasil Cacau lasts up to 6 months, and you can make it truly last for half the year if choose the right hair brush!  

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