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In the conditions of high competitiveness in the market of beauty services, today it‘s no longer enough just to do your job providing high-quality services such as anti-frizz treatment. For clients to come to the beauty salon and stay with you for a long time, you should always stay in touch with them. Your task is to inform customers about news and promotions, offer new services, and congratulate them on the holidays and special occasions. All this helps to build long and trusting relationships, positively affecting the profit of the salon.
The most effective solution is to send your clients personal SMS messages. It’s not always convenient to receive a call, while the text message is read on average within four minutes after receiving. In addition, SMS mailing:
- Doesn’t require a lot of time and budget;
- Allows you to promptly inform any number of clients;
- Carried out purposefully, taking into account the interests of the client;
- Can be fully automated.
You can:
- Send an appointment reminder. SMS is a salon appointment reminder. It helps to reduce the number of no-shows.
- Offer a client to leave a review after the visit. Requesting feedback after a visit helps to automate feedback and improve service.
- Show attention. Happy birthday or other holiday greetings show your care and build clients’ loyalty to your salon.
- Share the news. In SMS, you can inform the client about the new address of the salon or new procedures that may interest him, for example, hydration treatment for hair.
- Inform about discounts and promotions. Inform customers about current promotions. Besides, it’s a good idea to link to a Facebook page or a website with detailed terms and conditions.
- Inform the client about the gap that the stylist has. It’s a great way to fill the resulting gap and a convenient opportunity for clients who could not make an appointment for the right time.
- Remind a regular client about the need for the reporting procedure. Busy clients who regularly do, for example, hair smoothing and straightening treatment, sometimes forget to make an appointment in advance and cannot get to the salon at another time. A friendly reminder message will help you avoid losing them.
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