Long, Straight, and Luscious Hair with Brasil Cacau

Due to the harmful effects of environmental factors and various styling products, our hair is deformed and lacks keratin, of which our curls contain. This procedure allows you to fill the empty cells and return the hair to a beautiful and healthy look. It will also straighten them and make your hair softer and smoother.

After keratin straightening, you will immediately notice that your hair began to comb out, feel better, and that a healthy shine and radiance appeared. As a result of the procedure, the strands look smoother, softer and are pleasant to the touch.

One of the advantages is that the procedure is great for girls with different types of hair. It can be done to beauties with curly, thick, dyed hair or loose strands. After the procedure, the hair ceases to have static electricity, even after removing a headdress.

Keratin hair restoration protects it from the effects of the environment such as ultraviolet rays, dust, frost and wind.
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