Make a survey for your clients by hair type!

It’s always important to know your hair type. Hairstylist should know it in order to choose the right products and haircare program for a client. If your customer just can’t say what hair type they have, it’s no big deal! We recommend you to make this short survey which will significantly simplify everything! 

In order to find out the client’s hair type, ask them to answer the following questions:

1. Look at the hair in natural daylight. Can you say that it’s shiny?

 2. How many times a week do you usually wash your hair?

 3. Do you have to deal with brittle hair?

 4. What problems are more typical for your scalp? (Among them can be dandruff, excessive oiliness, feeling of tightness, etc).

 5 What do the ends (10-15 cm) of your hair look like before washing?

Offer your clients 4 types of answers: a  means normal hair and healthy scalp, b means both dry hair and scalp, c means combined or mixed type — dry hair and oily scalp, d means both oily hair and scalp.

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