Make Salon Clients Repeat Customers

Many salon owners make a common mistake: they provide new beneficial offers only to the new customers but not for existing ones and eventually that’s a pity. The situation when a salon completely forgets about their existing clients while paying too much attention to the existing ones isn’t good at all. In this article, we will tell you how you can appropriately treat your existing clients, keep on reading!
You have to remember that rewarding the clients which have been your customers for some time is a better option than constantly seeking new clients. Salon owners often forget that not all the new clients will stay because a great part of them is only looking for a first visit discount. For example, if you provide a first visit discount for botox hair treatment or hair keratin treatment, get ready that these procedures will be the most popular among your new clients!
In order to make even your new clients stay, you have to do the following:
1. Make sure you provide professional consultation to every client. Show a client that you care about his hair issues and are ready to do your best in order to solve them. Clients have different hair problems: heat-damaged hair, dead hair ends. Some of them would like to have frizz-free hair. Examine each case individually!
2. After the performed procedure, ask your client if he would like to rebook. He will probably answer no and that’s actually fine. Watch how you ask the client for rebooking. You can slightly change your wording in order to make a client come again. For example, “I’ll need to see you in 4 weeks for root dyeing and toning to ensure your beautiful hair color lasts”. Such a sentence sounds more like care than a sales pitch.
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