Making the Most of your Salon Website

We live in an age when almost everything around us has its electronic analogs. In terms of the beauty business, it means that your website should become a real reflection of your salon for potential customers that want to find out more about your services and products exactly there. How can you improve your existing website or create a new one from the scratch? Here’s what you should know!
Having a nice and informative website will allow you to attract new customers and make their first experience in your salon amazing.
Make your content clear and short. Don’t overcrowd your website with excessively long articles. Provide essential information about your salon, services, brands with which you work, etc.
Collect information about your clients! Encourage your clients to leave their e-mails and phone numbers on the website, thus you can mail and call them.
Provide an opportunity for online booking. That’s not a cheap option, however, it can be very useful for your clients especially when they don’t have an opportunity to call you.
Ask clients to give a short testimonial about your salon. This way you will keep in touch with your clients and help them if something went wrong. Besides, ask regular customers for some feedback.
Don’t limit yourself only with your website. Make several accounts in the most popular social networks, include links of your accounts onto the website as well. The most popular channels are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. Remember that young people are more likely to use social networks than a website!
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