Masters at home? How to organize the work?

Beauty masters, nail technicians, barbers, cosmetologists, hairstylists... This is not the whole list of professionals that are literally left workless nowadays. COVID - 19 severely affected the beauty industry, as almost all beauty salons across the globe are closed now. The work of a beauty master presupposes close contact with a person which is very dangerous because of the coronavirus spread. Self - isolation, and self - quarantine are all we can do during this period of social distance. What can beauty masters do at home? Keep on reading!


We hope you don’t have a wild idea of providing your services at home, secretly inviting clients to come over for a certain procedure. This can only come up to the mind of a completely reckless and careless person who doesn’t mind paying a big fine for his illegal home activities. Instead of lazy laying on the couch or inviting danger, you can:


 - Check the summer hair trends. It will be useful when the quarantine is over and all (and even more!) your clients will rush to you


 - Contact your clients just to cheer them up and ask if everything is ok with their hair. If it’s not, give them some recommendations


 - Think up some anti-crisis promos and discounts for your clients. After the quarantine they will likely live on a stringent budget, so try to understand it. We are all in this together, be kind.

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