Maximise your salon profits this Christmas (and New Year too!)

Everybody knows that December is a very busy month, thus, it will help you to increase your profit. This month will allow you not just earn more but prepare your salon for January and February which are usually slow months. Check this article in order to learn some tricks on how to attract clients in December and increase your salon profits!
1. Encourage pre-booking. December is a busy month and January is not, so you have to keep customers coming back even in festive days. Give them some extra discounts on their favorite services if they book their appointments in January and February.
2. Gift your customers. That’s very simple and will definitely encourage your customers to buy from your salon more! For example, if a customer buys a $100 gift card, offer him a $20 gift card for free. You can also give him a nice gift bag if he doesn’t need one more gift card. This way your customers will more likely buy a gift card because they will get an additional bonus which they can give to somebody else or maybe keep for themselves!
3. Additional bonuses. Offer clients a big discount on additional service if they receive two or more services at once. For example, if a client comes for a haircut and hair dyeing, offer him some haircare procedure at a lower price.
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